15 August 2017
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Drop earrings have been loved by women across the globe for centuries. Today, drop earrings are still hugely popular and are an excellent way to showcase your theatrical side. With an abundance of drop earring styles to choose from, there are many options to consider.

Drop earrings are the perfect way to complete a glamorous look or add a hint of luxury to a minimal outfit. What is perhaps most important, is selecting a style that best suits your face shape. Different drop lengths complement different face shapes, so be sure to experiment to see what flatters you most.




Our Oval Shaped South Sea Pearl Stud Drop Earrings are a wonderful option if you are looking for a classic, elegant style of drop earrings. The precious South Sea Pearls provide classic elegance that will complement any outfit.

Larger drop earrings are perfect if you want to make a bold statement or make a simple outfit more impactful. Our Morganite Art Deco Earrings, featuring two stunning emerald cut Morganites in a diamond setting are a wonderful option for those seeking longer drop earrings that exude luxury.

A pair of stunning dramatic drop earrings are an essential piece in any jewellery lover’s collection. Drop earrings offer contemporary luxe and with so many options to contemplate, allow the wearer to pick a pair that perfectly expresses their personal style.

To get started on your journey towards finding the perfect pair of drop earrings, contact the boutique to make an appointment with one of our experts.