19 March 2019
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One of the most beautiful and frequently used gemstones in jewellery, we are consistently in awe of the breathtaking sapphires that we have the opportunity to access.

Sapphires are one of the most complex stones, in both their physicality and rich history. They are corundums, which are a naturally occurring mineral with an exceptional hardness, second only to diamonds. They are also highly refractive, taking in the light to showcase the rich colour and brilliance of their multifaceted exterior. 

Sapphires are available in different forms, from manmade to heated and unheated, with the price varying greatly based on the value, brilliance and rarity of each individual stone.

An unheated sapphire is considered a natural marvel, which means the sapphire has not been heated to alter its properties. Unheated sapphires are sourced from Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Thailand and contrary to popular belief, can be found in a broad array of colours such as yellow, white, pink, violet and of course, blue.

Heat treatment is a process used to enhance the colour and clarity of a sapphire by heating it from 500 to 1800 degrees celsius, 95% of sapphires undergo this treatment to achieve a bolder and more uniform colour.

The rarity of unheated sapphires makes them extremely valuable, making up only 5% of the world’s supply of commercial sapphires. Unheated sapphires are in their purest form. This makes them a highly coveted and precious item, being 40% more valuable than their heated counterparts. The originality of the unheated sapphire underlies its true potential and its value.

 Ceylon sapphires are a favourite in the boutique and many of our pieces incorporate these stunning gems. Sapphires are rich in colour and radiance and their tough exterior make them ideal for pieces that are ornate and elegant, yet durable enough to last a lifetime.

 Our White Gold, Sapphire and Black Diamond Wing Studs are set with a striking colour fade of blue sapphires and black diamonds finished with 11mm South Sea Pearls. 

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