New Woollahra Boutique

11 September 2019
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After a lifetime working with gemstones and jewellery five years ago saw Matthew Ely began his own jewellery legacy on Ocean Street, Woollahra. A month ago he started a new and exciting chapter in that legacy.

It was an unforgettable journey getting to this moment. His previous store saw Matthew's dream being realised in a way that he truly treasured and was so grateful for. The next step was to create a new and more luxurious space where not only his dreams could be realised but he could expand on the experience he offers through his unique vision. 


“It’s a real credit to my jewellery and the journey I like to take my clients on. It’s a different type of luxury and completely exposes the trust and transparency I like to bring to the environment here.”

It took over a year and a half but we are so proud to introduce you to the new Matthew Ely Boutique.  Making sure the design and style of the boutique was perfect took time and Matthew was able to utilise his finely tuned attention to detail, just like when he is creating an heirloom piece of jewellery. From the personally designed fittings on the book shelf, the gold leaf finishing throughout, the bespoke rug and one of a kind wallpaper there is not one aspect of the boutique that has been forgotten. One of the most important concepts to the design was having an open workshop. Being able to see all aspects of our work is an absolutely integral part of what we do and the experience we like our clients to take. It shows a transparency and also allows each client to feel involved. 


The moment you enter Matthew Ely is when the client is taken into a whole new world of modern luxury. Whether you are coming in for a new design or whether you would like us to redesign an old treasure to make it your own we feel the entire process should be part of the journey. 

There are no limits to what we can create for our clients. It is not only a pleasure but an honour to be a part of chosen to become a part of peoples lives through making their ideas become realities.

“This is a really beautiful moment for me and it’s an absolute pleasure, and quite humbling, to open this boutique.”