27 March 2018
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The immaculate Apatite, with its rich neon blue-green colour is one of the most distinct and eye-catching gemstones. Used in jewellery creation for centuries, this breathtaking and timeless gem continues to be adored by people both here in Australia and around the world.

Formed by a group of minerals containing a calcium phosphate base, they are considered rare-earth minerals.  Apatite is the most abundant phosphorous-bearing material and is widely distributed in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Found in a variety of rock types, the stone presents itself in various colours, ranging from deep purple to electric teal.

With no two Apatites being the same, variations are a result of different mineral combinations within the earth. Two of the most popular hues used in modern jewellery creation are blue-green and light-green. Gems of high clarity and strong colour are extremely rare in larger sizes and are highly sought after by mineral collectors.

Our La Fête Du Bleu necklace is a perfect embodiment of the beauty of this stone, featuring an astonishing deep blue-green coloured 34 carat Apatite. Paying homage to the beautifully rare colour and size of this particular Apatite, we created a vivid and striking design for our La Fête Du Bleu Necklace. This was achieved by surrounding the Apatite with Aquamarine pieces that emphasise the colour and uniqueness of this stone.

To further enhance the design, we also paired the gem with a pear cut Morganite and an oval shape Tourmaline, bringing an element of joyfulness to the piece. To complete this spectacular handcrafted creation, we set Aquamarines in the necklace’s white gold chain, completing the celebration of colour.

With the exquisite Apatite as the centrepiece of our La Fête Du Bleu necklace, this rare gemstone truly sets this piece apart, making it a special addition to any jewellery enthusiast’s collection.

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