07 March 2019
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Celebrated for their exquisite beauty and unique colour, Argyle Pink Diamonds are one of the worlds most sought after stones.

Australia’s production of Argyle Pink Diamonds is unmatched both in quantity and quality and we are truly honoured to be able to incorporate these sensational natural wonders in a selection of our jewellery.

The Rio-Tinto Argyle mine in the remote East Kimberly region of Western Australia is responsible for 90% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds and having opened in 1983, the mine has extracted over 800 million carats of rough diamonds. 

Argyle Pink Diamonds have always been one of the most valuable gems, but with the closing of the world’s largest supplier looming in 2021 due to reaching exhaustion, the magnificent pink argyle is becoming increasingly rare.

Argyle Pink Diamonds are infused with a kaleidoscope of dreamy pink hues, ranging from purple-pink, blue violet and fiery red tones. Each shade offers an enchanting opportunity to create a bespoke piece of jewellery using the most esteemed diamonds in the world. 

It is believed that an intense pressure far below ground level is responsible for raising these sought-after diamonds to the surface, and the twist in the crystal lattice, which is present in all pink diamonds, is responsible for refracting light and producing colour.

The breathtaking blush hues of these natural wonders, make them an incredible inclusion in bespoke creations, often paired against complementary white diamonds for a modern and timeless take on a classic style.

A coloured halo is a subtle way to add an element of personality and individual style to your engagement ring, and the Pink Argyle is a truly unique and luxurious addition to most designs. 

Our Oval Argyle Pink and White Diamond Ring is a testament to the understated beauty found in the mine, demonstrating a breathtaking 0.20ct Argyle Pink Diamond at it’s centre and a twin halo of pink and white diamonds beautifully set in white and rose gold. 

The perfect combination of distinctive style and timeless beauty, the Argyle Diamonds will forever be one of our favourite stones to incorporate into our collections. 

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