23 January 2018
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Discover the extravagant beauty and rarity of the Argyle Pink Diamond – an exceptional stone that is highly coveted around the world, found exclusively in Australia.

Argyle Pink Diamonds are mined in Western Australia and due to their stunning hue have become one of the most in-demand stones in the world. With the mines quickly becoming exhausted, there’s never been a better time to introduce one of these exquisite treasures into your collection.

For those interested in adding an Argyle Diamond into their collection, our stunning Pink Diamond Friendship Pendant is a gorgeous piece perfect for any jewellery lover. The handcrafted pendant features a 0.367 carat Round Brilliant Cut Argyle Pink Diamond at its heart, surrounded by Round Brilliant Cut and Kite Diamonds. It was created in collaboration with the McGrath Foundation in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2017, creating a priceless meaning for the pink diamond.


While most people think of the iconic diamond in this pink form, the fascinating gem actually is available in a wide range of hues – blues, violets, reds, and pinks.

Although lesser known, the blue and violet hued Argyle Pink Diamonds are also extremely rare – only a teaspoon has emerged from the mines in the last three decades. They present in vibrant and potent shades, from cornflower blue to deep violet.

The most revered and rare variety of the Argyle Pink Diamonds is the rich red hues. Less than 30 red diamonds has been delivered from the mines, giving them an exclusive reputation and making them a cherished investment.

The exact reason for their beautiful colour remains a mystery, but it’s believed that the iconic pink hue is created by a twist within the atomic lattice during formation of the diamond, from the immense heat and pressure created underneath the earth’s surface.


The result is a completely natural beauty that enables jewellery designers to create exceptional pieces and collections. Pairing perfectly with the Friendship Pendant is our Pink Diamond Friendship Earrings. The sophisticated and charming earrings complement the pendant and incorporate 0.20 carat Argyle Pink Diamonds in each earring.

Although breathtaking on its own, the romantic pink hue of Argyle Pink Diamonds is absolutely stunning when paired with white diamonds.

Our Brilliant Cut Argyle White And Pink Diamond Ring is the perfect example of the striking combination – the divine ring features a 1.02ct Round Brilliant Cut Argyle White Diamond at its centre and is surrounded by a twin halo of Pink and White Diamonds, creating a timelessly captivating piece of precious jewellery.


Once you create a piece with an Argyle Pink Diamond, it instantly becomes an irreplaceable piece of jewellery. You’ve made an investment with one of the rarest gems in the world, and you will cherish it for a lifetime.

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