29 January 2019
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Throughout history, signet rings were traditionally decorated with an individual’s family crest and passed down from generation to generation. Often associated with the historical gentleman’s ring, they are a symbol of family heritage and pride. A signet ring was once passed down through marriage and was one of the few pieces that men would wear, however, more recently, the classic signet ring has become a unisex piece that is increasingly versatile in its style. 

Whilst the signet ring makes for a magnificent statement piece today, they once served a very practical purpose. Their main role, historically, was as stamps or proof of authenticity on a signed document. The family crest emblazoned on the surface and significant markings were used to identify the particular ring holder. Due to the level of detail that went into creating each ring they were often expensive and hard to mimic, therefore were only worn by the most influential families. 

People are no longer relying on family heirlooms of old, but rather creating their own unique stamp on history. Signet rings boast limitless creative possibilities and provide individuals with the perfect opportunity to display their personal style. They are available in a number of precious metals such as platinum, white, yellow and rose gold, allowing you to create a modern heirloom that is durable enough to pass down through the generations. 

Matthew works with each individual to create a design that reflects the wearer’s style as well as incorporating all traditional elements of the family crest, special motifs, latin verses, or monograms. They are the perfect way to create a beautiful, physical symbol of one’s family heritage that can endure into the future.

 There is no better time than the present to preserve the past and it’s a great honour for us to assist in this personal process and work closely with our clients to create meaningful jewellery that will be treasured for years to come.

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