30 May 2017
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Whether you’re preparing to propose to your special someone, or anticipating that your partner will pop the question soon – engagement rings are the topic of interest. Once you’ve informed yourself on core knowledge like The 4 C’s, shapes and certification, it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for some of the trends coming through the market.

As of 2017, we’ve seen a rise in modern angular cut engagement rings. Traditionally round cuts are utilised to highlight your diamond’s colour and ability to reflect light, angular cuts generally emphasise your diamond’s clarity and brilliance.


Similar to an emerald cut in shape, the radiant cut diamond boast many facets allowing it to reflect more light, giving it the appearance of a brilliant shine. Due to this, a radiant cut engagement will look sensational in just about any setting.

For a simple and classic finish, choose a sleek setting like a solitaire to let the diamond draw the most attention. Alternatively, to enhance the shine, a pave band or a halo of smaller diamonds around the perimeter piece would be a stunning showstopper.

The emerald cut diamond is an absolutely stunning shape, considered unique due to its long elegant lines, which reflect light beautifully. Best suited to the highest quality of diamonds, the glamorous, mirror-like effect will highlight any impurities otherwise.

Looking for wow-factor? An Asscher cut diamond is the epitome of a showstopper, crafted with 58 facets, which is very similar to the emerald cut. However, it’s the unique octagonal shape that produces the breathtaking flash and brilliance. It’s no secret that a ring with this level of grandeur requires a truly exceptional stone.

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