The history of the wedding band

20 September 2016


The placement of the wedding band on the left ring finger is a constant reminder of your love and commitment for your significant other– but where exactly did this tradition originate?

The circle has been the symbol of eternity since Ancient Egyptian times; therefore the ring has come to represent never-ending love. The Romans built on this tradition, giving rings to women to “claim” them. The Roman’s rings signified commitment to another and they were worn on the fourth finger on the left hand. This finger was thought to have a vein in it that connected directly to the heart. It was referred to as the ‘vein of love’ and while this hasn’t been proven scientifically, the tradition remains.

Wedding rings traditionally had no stone but were often engraved or embellished with personalised images and lettering. The wedding band remains an important tradition that we use to signify our love for another.