04 July 2017
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The history behind women’s wedding bands makes them particularly special. Here at the boutique, we love combining the fascinating history of women’s wedding bands with contemporary influences, to create something you will adore for an eternity.

Did you know that women have worn wedding bands since Ancient Egyptian times? History suggests that the wedding ring was worn on the left finger due to the belief that a vein runs from this finger to the heart, a tradition that many of us still follow today.

We understand that something as special and sentimental as your wedding ring must reflect your personal style, as you’re likely to wear it every single day.

We’ve answered three commonly asked questions surrounding women’s wedding bands to help you in your selection process.

What wedding band trends are most popular today?

We have recently seen a trend in women desiring two or even three bands to stack either side of their engagement ring. By stacking your wedding bands it creates a unique look and allows you to combine different styles, like diamond embellished bands and mixed metals with your engagement ring.

When searching for the perfect wedding ring (or rings!) look for something with timeless appeal, that you will love for an eternity.

How can I accentuate my engagement ring?

Another beautiful way to compliment your engagement ring is to select a single diamond wedding band.

A simple band embellished with diamonds does an extraordinary job of accompanying most engagement rings, especially a classic diamond solitaire or a coloured gem ring like a Sapphire or Morganite.

Always remember to try on a number of wedding bands and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, you may be surprised by what you fall in love with!

How much time should I allow to select a wedding band?

It’s also important to consider time when choosing your wedding band. For a more intricate and complicated design, at least 6-8 weeks may be required to create your perfect piece.

To learn more about our extensive range of wedding bands, contact the boutique to arrange an appointment.