Designing An Engagement Ring? 3 Practical Factors To Consider

03 April 2017

Designing an engagement ring can be the ultimate act of romance, but there are a number of practical factors to take into consideration. Once you’ve found an idea of the perfect ring for your partner, it’s important to understand which seemingly minor elements will have a major effect on the final piece.

Engagement Ring Trends You'll Love

28 March 2017

Designing an engagement ring is an awesome experience, allowing you to select every intricate detail: from the size of your diamond to the shape of your band, there are many elements that make a bespoke engagement ring unique. With this in mind, here are a couple of our top tips to customise your dream engagement ring.

Which Engagement Ring Is Perfect For You?

21 March 2017

There’s nothing like the topic of engagement rings to instill feelings of excitement, awe and romance. Every couple holds a different story and with each engagement ring, tells of a journey to love. There are a number of crucial elements you should consider when designing or choosing a ring, as it’s the combination of little touches that make your ring uniquely special.

Engagement Ring Shopping: 3 Mistakes To Avoid

15 March 2017

An engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases a person can make. While there are certain (often outdated) rules of thumb, the ultimate consideration factor is ensuring the ring is perfect for you and the one you love.

With a purchase that demands this much pressure, we’ve prepared a list of the top mistakes people make when preparing for the big purchase and how to avoid them.

Birthstone Of The Month - Aquamarine

09 March 2017

March is the month of the dreamy Aquamarine, traditionally symbolising youth, the spirit of hope, good health and lasting love. I’ve always loved working with vibrant Aquamarine stones that possess a gorgeous medium tone, vivid and blue in hue.

3 Reasons To Invest In Fine Jewellery

14 February 2017

Classic and contemporary, yet edgy and refined – there’s so much to love about our Minimal and Innocence Collections.

Both ranges are filled with delicate pieces, made with tender, loving care and to the highest standards – while still maintaining an affordable price. It’s the perfect gift for any woman and the ultimate staple for any jewellery admirer.

Thinking about starting your own collection? Here are a few reasons on why you should invest in a few key pieces.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring For Your Engagement Ring

07 February 2017

Your engagement ring is likely the most cherished piece of jewellery you have in your collection. A physical representation of your vows and a token of your loved ones affection for you – it’s so important to keep your ring safe, sound and as sparkly as possible.

Highlighting Our Favourite Engagement Rings of 2016

17 January 2017

Choosing a ring that reflects your personality and style is an exciting process, especially when creating a bespoke piece. The cut, shape and colour are all elements that will help you channel your personal tastes and characteristics into the finished design.

Working with future brides and grooms to put the ideas they envisage into reality is a great honour and helping to guide them through the decisions and choices that surround finding their perfect ring is one of the most satisfying parts of what we do at Matthew Ely.

Reasons Why You Should Have Your High Jewellery Cleaned

17 January 2017

When was the last time you had your favourite piece of jewellery cleaned?

For those who wear their most loved and cherished pieces more than any other in their collection might find that with time, the initial sparkle we fell in love with can dull. Keep your favorite pieces looking as exquisite and immaculate as the day you first laid eyes on them with help from the team at Matthew Ely.

Simple And Sophisticated Gift Ideas

08 December 2016

Stumped for Christmas gift ideas?

The festive season is the perfect occasion to gift your loved one with a personalised momento. For a small token of your affection without the extravagance of a statement piece, look no further than our range of personalised hand-engraved Innocence necklaces.

The idea for the Innocence collection first came to fruition when Matthew Ely and his wife expecting their first child. They wanted a classic, simple and timeless piece of jewellery to commemorate this lovely occasion; from there The Innocence Collection began.

Christmas Collaboration With Natalie Rompotis

08 December 2016

As a gemologist and jeweller with a penchant for all forms of art, Matthew Ely loves to celebrate and recognise local innovators. This festive season, we’re extremely excited to share our collaboration with Natalie Rompotis, a talented fashion illustrator from Melbourne, currently based in Sydney.

Restoring A Former Beauty

08 December 2016

Both sentimental and nostalgic, restoring a cherished jewellery piece for your loved one can be the perfect gift.

Due to its symbolic and often romantic nature, established connoisseurs and millennial enthusiasts alike have coveted heirlooms, vintage and antique pieces for centuries. While its classic designs will always be timeless, years of wear, exposure to various harsh elements or simply evolving tastes can result in a lovely heirloom piece being left unworn.

Tips For Your Perfect Festive Proposal

08 December 2016

There isn’t a ‘right’ time to pop the question, but of all the possibilities within the year, there is something beautifully merry about the festive season.

5 Factors Affecting The Price Of Your Diamonds

15 November 2016

As you know the market is full of different diamonds and with limited knowledge, it can be extremely overwhelming to know exactly what to look for when choosing your special piece.

Are Coloured Gems the New Diamond?

08 November 2016

When thinking about traditional engagement rings we usually think about diamonds, but over the last few years, we’ve noticed the increased popularity of unconventional jewels. Men and women are now thinking less about traditions and more about pieces that suit their personal style. Like, coloured gemstones have the ability to symbolically communicate specific meanings or reflect a client’s personality and style; making them a rapidly growing alternative.

Our Essential Engagement Ring Guide for Him

01 November 2016

Deciding on what ring to choose for your partner can be an intimidating experience for anyone. With Matthew Ely’s ‘Guide for Him’, we take the stress out of an experience that should only be a time of joy and celebration. We’re always grateful and honoured to work closely with our clients to ensure that they’re able to choose a ring that both them and their partner will love.

Racing Carnival Luxury With Suzy O'Rourke

28 October 2016

As a creative mind with a penchant for crafting memorable and sophisticated jewellery, Matthew Ely loves to celebrate and recognise local innovators with a similar ethos.

The staple pieces that suit everybody

07 October 2016

Whether your sense of style is minimalistic or edgy, elegant or eccentric, there are pieces to suit everyone’s style, and pieces that simply suit everyone. While trends come and go with the seasons, there are some that have come to stay.
Timeless, simple and sophisticated these gorgeous pieces are must haves in every woman’s arsenal!

Spring Window

07 October 2016

Spring has sprung, which means the long awaited Racing Carnival season has arrived. Our brand new window installation celebrates the opulence of this occasion, showcasing three stunning fascinators designed by renowned couture Milliner, Suzy O’Rourke.

Unique alternatives to traditional wedding bands

07 October 2016

Despite what tradition may suggest, your wedding band can be anything you want it to be! We have many clients that come into the boutique looking for something a little different to the conventional, yellow or white gold band.

Spring Jewellery Trends

07 October 2016

Accessories can change any woman’s outfit in an instant. From a conservative suit to an extravagant gown, a daring piece or a subtle touch, jewellery is the perfect finishing touch. As spring hits the scene, it brings a plethora of enchanting new pieces to freshen up any look.

Spring wedding trends

23 September 2016

Spring is in the air and so is love! Spring is the most popular season for weddings and it’s an especially exciting time in the boutique with so many of our clients tying the knot.

The history of the wedding band

20 September 2016

The placement of the wedding band on the left ring finger is a constant reminder of your love and commitment for your significant other– but where exactly did this tradition originate?

Alternatives to white diamond engagement rings

05 September 2016

We’ve long been told that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but when it comes to engagement rings– diamonds aren’t the only choice! In fact, the diamond engagement ring only leapt to popularity post-1980.

Announcing Our New Bridal Portal - Ever After

05 September 2016

Our wedding day is one of the most momentous occasions of our lives likewise; getting engaged is an amazing time filled with great excitement. In my line of work, I’ve been lucky enough to share in the love, the nerves and the delight of countless weddings and engagements – it’s one of the best parts of my job!

Working with future brides and grooms to put the ideas they envisage into reality is a great honour and helping to guide them through the decisions and choices that surround finding their perfect ring is one of the most satisfying parts of what I 


Gifts for a momentous anniversary

15 August 2016

When a client comes to us looking for a gift to mark a milestone with a loved one we always like to find pieces that aren’t just beautiful but also represent the relationship. For this reason we like to suggest considering some of the following factors to pick the perfect piece.

Sporteluxe window takeover

08 August 2016

With the Rio Olympics in full swing, the boutique has been transformed into a sporteluxe destination to channel the spirit of the games.

The traditional meaning behind your favourite gemstones

01 August 2016

Aside from being striking and vivaciously vibrant, historically gemstones have ancient and contemporary connotations and symbolism that give them significance for many of our clients.

Winter Wonderland

12 July 2016

At Matthew Ely, every season presents an opportunity to draw inspiration for new and exciting concepts and winter is no different. To celebrate this gorgeous time of the year, step into our boutique’s newly transformed ‘Winter Wonderland’.

New To The Boutique

07 July 2016

We have an exciting range of new pieces in the boutique this month. They're intricately designed, statement pieces and we're delighted to showcase them. Featuring the stunning Oval Citrine and Diamond Cocktail Ring and Oval Sapphire and Diamond Dress Ring showcased above.

Recognising World Social Media Day

24 June 2016

Today marks world Social Media Day. To celebrate head over to our range of social media channels including, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for a range of featured product, behind the scenes content and inspirational concepts for our pieces.

Join the Matthew Ely community and experience the range of radiant pieces we have to offer in all their glory and be the first to see new and upcoming designs.

New Feature Necklace - Joyau Rouge

23 June 2016

I am exceptionally thrilled to introduce 'Joyau Rouge' our new, one of a kind bespoke feature piece - a rare 64.53ct Rubellite Tourmaline set in white gold, surrounded by over 1.60cts of fine white diamonds.

The piece was inspired by the feature pieces of the Georgian and Art Deco eras; with its large centrepiece stone a popular feature of the jewellery worn by dignitaries throughout this period. Building on these foundations a modern twist was added with it’s fine detailing around the edge and three-tiered black spinel necklace ensuring it remains a truly timeless piece.

Working With You For Your Special Day

10 June 2016

Some of the most excited clients I have the pleasure of working with have been those planning their engagement and or weddings. Each client has brought their own unique range of emotions and character to select or develop what will be their engagement ring or wedding band, making these experiences truly unique and investing in each piece with its own unique story.

Gemstone of the Month - Pearl

03 June 2016

June is the month of Pearl, the oldest known gem and traditionally thought to represent truth, faith and love.
I have always enjoyed working with pearls, it can take up to three years for a pearl to reach its full size and nacre thickness but it is this organic process that brings about an air of natural beauty to each pearl. Their clean, look and bright lustre adds a level of sophistication to any piece, allowing me to create minimally styled, finely detailed jewellery elements that let the pearl take centre stage.

Sydney In Colour

27 May 2016

Winter is lit up by festivals and the celebration of lights, music and creativity. Breaking out of the typical winter greys and blacks and engaging in a season where Sydney comes alive with colour and splendour is such a joy. In the same way, I love the ability that injecting a little colour into your winter pieces can bring that same sense of splendour into your attire.

Gemstone Of The Month - Emerald

20 May 2016

May is the month of Emerald, also referred to as the ‘Stone of Successful Love’, the Emerald is believed to open and nurture the heart.

The beautiful, radiant green colour of Emerald makes it a gemstone that I always find great joy in working with. Working with Emeralds brings my passion for coloured gemstones to life and working at the bench with them always inspires me to create new designs. Their strong colour offers great opportunities to incorporate different complimentary metals and stones to highlight the vivid green colour, and capture the viewer’s attention.