29 August 2017
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The process of creating each of our beautiful bespoke pieces of jewellery involves many different components. One of the most vital aspects of the jewellery creation process is sourcing the gemstones used to complete our designs.

Each of our pieces are carefully handcrafted with great care and love. We are proud to use only the highest quality materials, sourced from ethical producers and mines.

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful and valuable gemstones in the entire world. We source our stones from a variety of different mines here in Australia, most of which are located in Western Australia.

Once sourced, the diamonds go through many processes of authentication before receiving a sticker of approval. Once the diamonds have been approved and we receive them in our workshop, it takes a few weeks to create an elegant piece of jewellery.

Matthew_Ely_Chantilly_Pink_Argyle_Diamond_Ring.jpg Matthew_Ely_Pink_Argyle_Diamond_Engagement_Ring.jpg

A stunning example of Australia’s diamonds are the Pink Argyles we use in many of our pieces. Beautiful and increasingly rare, these stones are absolutely exquisite.

We go through a similar process when sourcing gold for our creations. There are a number of steps that must be followed in order to ensure the purest gold is extracted and refined. Our gold is sourced from a number of mines across Australia.

After being dug out of the ground, the raw gold is crushed until it gets to 15 microns and sent to a refinery. The gold is then processed into a non-pure bar called Doré, which is a mix of gold, silver, other metals and waste material. From here the gold goes through several intense processes to remove by-products and waste, leaving pure gold.

Finally, a block of pure gold is left that can then be spun into the desired shape for our jewellery, which takes precision and great skill to ensure the perfect shape is achieved.

Matthew_Ely_Trilogy_Diamond_Engagement_Ring.jpg Matthew_Ely_Rose_Gold_Rings.jpg


We take great pride in using ethically sourced, high quality Australian materials in our jewellery. Have a browse of our website to see the full range of pieces that we've crafted. Interested in designing your own bespoke piece? Contact us today.

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