Jewellery Trends

08 April 2016
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A good piece of jewellery is always considered timeless and there are a range of designs that have grown increasingly popular in recent times. At the moment there are four trends in particular which I really resonate with and that I’ve incorporated into my own work.

First among these is minimalisation, with many high-end designers and celebrities opting for minimal pieces in recent times. What I love about this style is that it can not only be worn on special occasions where it is both elegant and serves to enhance the individual’s features but is equally at home in a more casual setting. My own Minimal Collection was developed with this in mind, designed in a minimal fashion but full of character, with the ability to mix and match pieces from the collection to suit your own style they’re a perfect compliment to any outfit.

Often used to recognise a loved ones name, initials or an important date, monogrammed pieces have also become increasingly popular. My own Innocence Collection, first developed for infants and now extended to ladies, incorporates personalisation by allowing clients to have hand engraved initials added to each piece. Spotted on celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne personalised pieces have been increasingly popular in younger clients, particularly as gifts.

The use of rose gold is another style, which has gained increased popularity, and I have recently used rose gold a lot in my own work throughout a number of collections and featured pieces. The versatility of the metal, it’s ability to act as either the signature or complimentary material in a design has seen it incorporated in more and more modern pieces. I personally like to use rose gold for the warmth it brings to a piece of bespoke jewellery and it’s ability to compliment coloured gems. Additional to that is its flattering effect on most skin tones, which has resulted in it becoming a crowd favourite.

Last but not least, my final on trend style to note at the moment is floral themed pieces. More and more we’re seeing the design of intricate pieces that are both elegant and unique. These modern designs make for not only an incredible piece of jewellery, but also a colourful and feminine piece that is full of character. They allow the wearer to express herself and mix up their style, with light fun tones that always remind me of Summer.

To find out more about floral styles, or any of the other styles I’ve just mentioned, feel free to contact myself or the team simply by clicking here and visiting the Contact Us page.