23 May 2017
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Designing an engagement ring is an amazing experience, allowing you to create a masterpiece that is every bit as unique as you or your partner. Like most trends, engagement ring designs come in and out of popularity and recently we’ve seen an increased interest in stunning coloured jewels amongst brides to be.

Contrary to popular belief, picking the perfect coloured engagement ring isn’t as simple as choosing the biggest and brightest stone. To ensure you are confident with your choice, we have listed some of our frequently asked questions when designing a bespoke piece.

What shapes can be cut with a coloured gem?

Although most diamonds can be cut into any shape, gems may differ depending on a variety of factors such as depth, size and original shape. This often depends on the stone itself rather than the type of gem being used. For further information on what cuts are available for your chosen diamonds and gems it is best you contact a professional jeweller for a consultation. Alternatively, visit the Diamond Selection portion of our Ever After Engagement Guide for further information.

What colour should I choose?

Using coloured gemstones and diamonds provides a bride-to-be with the opportunity to have a ring that is unique to her, a piece that truly reflects her personality and style. You may consider a favourite colour, or perhaps a birthstone as a starting point. If you or your partner prefers a sentimental touch, coloured diamonds and gemstones are renowned for having the ability to symbolically communicate meaning through their vivid colours.

For example, Rubies traditionally represent love and strength, Aquamarine for serenity and Emerald for strength.

Are gems as durable as Diamonds?

Typically, diamonds are amongst the most durable, however alternatives such as Ruby, Sapphire and Aquamarine are a popular choice for unique engagement rings. Although stunning, Pearls aren’t generally recommended for engagement rings as they can be easily scratched or cracked over time.

To learn more about coloured diamonds and gems and the use of these special stones in our designs, contact the boutique to book a consultation.