25 July 2017
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Jewellery is a key component in completing your wedding day look. By selecting a few distinctive pieces, you can add the finishing touches to your dress and create a breathtaking wedding day style.

To help you start thinking about how to accessorise on the day, we’ve created a short guide on what to consider when searching for the perfect bridal jewellery.


To complement your hairstyle, focus on finding earrings that will frame your face. Drop earrings can give the illusion of elongation, which can be flattering for many face shapes.

 Shorter drop earrings, clusters, or studs can add classic elegance to your look. For a hint of modern luxe, there are a wide variety of pieces you to consider, from elegant pearl studs to bolder drop pieces.

 If you are looking to incorporate subtle sparkle, a classic stud earring is an excellent option for embellishing your look on the big day.


No matter what neckline your dress features, there are an abundance of beautiful necklace options to choose from. Sweetheart necklines, boat necklines and the semi-sweet neckline all work perfectly with the addition of a necklace. One of our favourites is the classic diamond pendant.

 After all, it comes down to balance and ensuring that your jewellery selection emulates your personal style and that you feel comfortable on the day.


A classic tennis bracelet  is also a great option to enhance your wedding day style. Especially if your other jewels are subtle, a tennis bracelet can be the perfect way to add a dash of sparkle.

 Still struggling to choose the perfect accessories? Visit us in-store for personal assistance and expert advice on choosing the ultimate jewellery for your special day.