How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

10 February 2015
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With February being known as the 'month of love' I thought now would be great timing to share some of my tips that will help you select the perfect engagement ring. Three important things to keep in mind are your personal style, practicality, and of course the price.

Personal Style - always be guided by what you are drawn to and you will continue to love the piece forever. Steer clear of 'fashionable' designs or gimmicks as these things come and go quickly, and in my experience classic with a personal touch is always best. Try on a number of different designs as they often look different on the hand versus in photos or online.

Practicality - It's a good idea to consider your lifestyle when choosing your engagement ring. There are certain design features and setting styles that will be more robust than others and depending on things like your work, activity level or what you may be doing while wearing the ring I like to take that into account during the design and manufacturing process.

Price - this really comes down to what you feel comfortable with. Gone are the days when the amount spent on an engagement ring was governed by a specified dollar figure like monthly earnings! It's all about ensuring that we listen to you throughout the process and make suggestions or recommendations based on what is important to you. We offer our clients the best quality product to suit the price range that they feel comfortable with.