20 June 2017
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While the history and aesthetic choices of the engagement ring have been classic, many modern women are gravitating toward non-traditional styles that reflect their aesthetic preferences.

This has been seen with future brides opting for coloured gems as opposed to classic diamonds, double halos instead of single solitaires and in this instance – combining a variety of metals into one ring.

The age old “rule” of not mixing yellow or white gold has slowly started to fade away, as a number of people flock to this trend to highlight their love for unique jewellery – creating a ring that’s truly right for them. 

The theory behind the mixed metal engagement ring trend is to produce a more vivid contrast between the feature diamond and the band, allowing it to appear more brilliant.

Aside from brilliance, a great tip to keep in mind when designing or purchasing a ring that features more than one metal, is how the metal used in the diamond setting affects the overall appearance. Setting diamonds in white gold or platinum tends to make then appear one colour grade higher i.e. more sparkly, while a yellow or rose gold has the opposite effect.

There are plenty of ways to mix metals: for a subtle touch, try highlighting your halo with rose gold or use contrasting prongs to highlight your centre stone. For a more statement, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, try showcasing a coloured gem using mixed metals for the band and diamond setting.

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