18 April 2017

Every year, I’m continuously inspired by red carpet glamour. Seeing classic Hollywood starlets in grand pieces often helps to pave the way for amazing jewellery trends.

While statement earrings have gone in and out of style for years, they are in the midst of resurgence – think ‘drop earrings’ complete with rich coloured gems and diamonds.

Take a look at our favourite pieces.


For a subtle showstopper with a pop of colour, choose a piece like these Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings. These drop earrings brilliantly showcase a par of sparkling round yellow sapphires, each encased in a halo of alternating sized stunning white diamonds and set in 18ct white gold to highlight the gems natural colour.



For classic design with a touch more interest, choose a piece like these Diamond Set Drop Earrings. They are spectacularly crafted with sparkling white diamonds and accentuated with a single 5P Argyle Pink diamond in the center of each earring.



For a drop earring with intricate detailing, choose a piece like these Rubellite Tourmaline and Diamond Drop Earrings. Inspired by the traditional cobblestone streets of Florence, Italy, – they’re beautifully designed with pear shaped affetto rubellite tourmalines and set with white gold detailing.

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