Are Coloured Gems the New Diamond?

08 November 2016


When thinking about traditional engagement rings we usually think about diamonds, but over the last few years, we’ve noticed the increased popularity of unconventional jewels. Men and women are now thinking less about traditions and more about pieces that suit their personal style. Like, coloured gemstones have the ability to symbolically communicate specific meanings or reflect a client’s personality and style; making them a rapidly growing alternative.

Individuality is a vital factor in the preference for coloured gemstones as consumers are opting for a piece that is unique and quintessentially them. Colour has the capacity to open up a world of personal possibilities that may not be achieved to the same extent with a classic diamond.

Alternatively, rarity plays part in the rise of coloured gems, as coloured diamonds are often harder to attain due to pricing, sizing or colour options. If you are considering a vibrant gemstone, we recommend seeking a specialist’s assistance, to ensure you’re sourcing a high quality stone and the perfect one for the style you have in mind.