11 April 2017
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With its warm, almost pink-ish glow, the recent surge in rose gold popularity is a welcomed surprise for those who love a little colour in their jewellery. While White Gold and Yellow Gold are often regarded as timeless, the romantic warmth of Rose Gold is simply stunning.

The ‘pink’ intensity of rose gold depends on the ratio of copper to gold, ranging from a soft blush to a deep red as the copper content increases. While this shade of metal has begun to gain momentum as a jewellery trend, Rose Gold engagement rings are still considered a unique choice.

So, why should you consider Rose Gold for your next piece?

Complementary Tones – Generally speaking, White Gold suits cooler skin tones and Yellow Gold suits warmer, Rose Gold has a place across the spectrum, beautifully flattering most complexions.

Durable – Rose Gold is comparably the strongest when compared to White Gold and Yellow Gold due to the copper component, which is extremely sturdy. It is important to remember that Rose Gold isn’t a hypoallergenic metal, so if you have sensitive skin another metal may be a more suitable alternative.

Affordable – Historically, copper (the alloy used to make Rose Gold) costs less than the alloys used to make White Gold and Yellow Gold, generally making it a more affordable option. Bear in mind that the skill of your craftsman coupled with the design of your piece will ultimately decide what price you pay.

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