14 June 2017
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Inspired by tradition, trends and personal preference, there is always a gem (or metal) that’s on the lips of women everywhere. While some experts look to the runways and catwalks for guidance, we’ve been exposed to buying habit’s firsthand due to our boutique.

At one point, Rose Gold had stolen the hearts of women everywhere, soon after it was the fine jewellery Minimal pieces, however this year we’re predicting the rise of a semi-precious stone, Morganite.

Many are drawn in by the gem’s divine pink hues from salmon to peachy tones, but it’s the rarity of the Morganite that has jewellery enthusiasts worldwide coveting a piece.

Universally flattering, it’s pink and rose warm overtones make Morganite an increasingly preferred gem for everyday essentials, bridal jewellery, cocktail pieces and engagement rings.

Colour is a crucial factor when determining the quality of your Morganite. As the true pink hues are of considerably higher demand, the limited availability of the stone can result in a higher price. It is important to note that Morganite is often heat treated naturally to enhance the vibrancy, continuing the process that occurs naturally before they’re mined.

Cut is also important to consider when choosing and determing the quality of your Morganite. As the stone has a distinct colour spread, certain areas need to be cut specifically to achieve the most desirable vibrancy. A skillful cutter will be able to cut facets and proportions to encourage the greatest brilliance out of the stone.

Want to learn more about this exquisite gemstone? Contact the boutique and a member of our team will be able to talk you through the details of the gorgeous Morganite.

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