The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring For Your Engagement Ring

07 February 2017
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Your engagement ring is likely the most cherished piece of jewellery you have in your collection. A physical representation of your vows and a token of your loved ones affection for you – it’s so important to keep your ring safe, sound and as sparkly as possible.

Due to daily wear, your ring will be exposed to harsh elements and physical stress that may leave the once flawless band marked and the once glistening jewels dull. To ensure you keep your ring pristine condition and prevent damage follow these simple tips.

Do: Purchase Insurance
Your ring is special item and apart from being financially valuable; holds immense sentimental value as a symbol of your love for, and union with, your significant other. For this reason we always advise our clients to have their rings insured in the case the worst should happen.

Although it may seem unlikely - loss, damage and theft are all unfortunately a part of life and equally possible, particularly with highly visible and valuable jewellery items such as engagement rings or wedding bands. Talk to us about insuring your precious jewellery items, this is a service that we can provide for you in the boutique.

Do: Clean Regularly
Have your ring cleaned, polished and inspected for wear by a professional you trust at least once a year. It’s also a great opportunity to check that your gemstones/diamonds are properly secured in the mount, and also that the settings aren’t too worn.

In between visits to your jeweller, clean your ring yourself using a professional jewellery-cleaning solution.

Don’t: Wear your ring near chemicals
Household chores that involve the use of harmful chemicals, especially bleach may possibly erode gemstones. It’s important to note that even swimming in a chlorinated pool or salt water may also affect your ring.

Also beware of the potential discolouration or clouding of your ring from hairspray and perfumes. It’s best to remove jewellery when applying these products as the spray may diffuse over a large area and thus come in contact with your jewellery. Steer clear of applying hand cream with your rings on too and this will ensure that the stones remain as sparkly as possible.

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