Restoring A Former Beauty

08 December 2016

Both sentimental and nostalgic, restoring a cherished jewellery piece for your loved one can be the perfect gift.

Due to its symbolic and often romantic nature, established connoisseurs and millennial enthusiasts alike have coveted heirlooms, vintage and antique pieces for centuries. While its classic designs will always be timeless, years of wear, exposure to various harsh elements or simply evolving tastes can result in a lovely heirloom piece being left unworn.

Often heirloom pieces can’t be replaced due to rarity; however we offer a restoration service to breathe life and beauty back into your cherished piece. With years of expertise, love and dedication in creating and repairing jewelry, Matthew Ely can restore your beloved jewellery to its former beauty.

If you’re looking for something a little more than a restoration, book a consultation to discuss possible options for remodeling an outdated but dear treasure.