Pearls of Wisdom

23 June 2015
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Todays South Sea Pearls are as close to natural as can be. Long ago they were considered to be a miracle of nature, found sporadically. Now due to popular demand a culturing process has been developed to ensure that this beautiful, organic gem continues to thrive. The culturing process still involves live oysters in the ocean, very similar to the way nature intended. Most pearls can spend approximately 2 years being created deep down in the ocean. They are then harvested by divers, cleaned, sorted and make into stunning pieces of jewellery.

Shape, colour, lustre and size can vary greatly from pearl to pearl which is why a perfectly round strand of pearls has such a high value. Imagine trying to create that perfect strand, it can take years! Be sure to care correctly for your pearls and store them away from other pieces in your collection. They are a natural gem and require a little more attention that others.