13 July 2017
  • Matthew_Ely_The_Opal_Ring.jpeg

An amalgamation of exquisite opulence and breathtaking beauty, we are proud to introduce the first Opal Ring, featuring a rare black Opal.

Soon to be on display at the Woollahra boutique, this spectacular piece is crafted from a truly extraordinary 25 carat black Opal sourced from Lightning Ridge, Australia’s premier Opal region.  

With a vision of contemporary magnificence in mind, this piece was adorned with custom-cut white diamonds and sapphires. This modern piece is also set in black rhodium plated white gold, giving it a sense of depth and accentuating the eye-catching aesthetic. 

The intricacy of this ring showcases the eternal charm of the Opal, exuding the gem’s intrinsic luxury and timeless appeal.

“I created this ring to emanate uniqueness, with a distinct art deco appearance; it’s the perfect accessory for someone seeking a standout piece that showcases both luxury and refinery. This ring is as much a piece of art, as it is jewellery.” – Matthew Ely.


Contact the boutique to find out more about this exquisite piece.