Jewellery Stacking

15 April 2016
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Stacking jewellery pieces is a recent trend that has soared in popularity and one I see all the time with clients. Many clients choose to stack pieces as a way to combine existing pieces with something new or to add extra character to an ensemble. By stacking like this people are able to mix and match various colours, stones, shapes and styles to get a look that is unique. Whether contemplating a minimal stack or one to make a statement the range of options and combinations are endless.

Something we see a lot of in the boutique and an idea that I really appreciate is the addition of stackable pieces to mark a special occasion, such as stack of rings for engagement, wedding and anniversary, or a selection of necklaces or bracelets to commemorate the arrival of each child. This makes each piece that you are stacking sentimental and creates a personalised piece of jewellery that tells your story and captures your special moments.

With our collections, there are no “wrong” ways to stack your jewellery, it’s all a matter of personal taste, however if you need some guidance I recommend:

1. For a simple look, consider going for a few minimal products of the same style such as the selection of studs, cuffs, necklaces and bracelets in my Minimal Collection. This combination of the same gemstones and materials compliment each other and highlight not only the collection as a whole but each individual piece.

2. Alternatively if there’s a statement piece you want to highlight such as an engagement or cocktail ring, then a great way to do this is by stacking it with simpler bands on either side, framing the ring and giving the central ring scale to help make it pop.

3. Looking to add a bit more colour to your stack? One great way to do so is through the use of a combination of minimal pieces of the same style but in different colours, for example stacking the 3 bracelets of different materials from my Minimal Collection