Creativity and Innovation In Jewellery

22 April 2016
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In recognition of Creativity & Innovation Week I wanted to spend this weeks blog post talking about the incorporation of creativity and innovation in the creation of my Jewellery.
As a designer of jewellery, one of my greatest joys is creating jewellery pieces that are unique and treasured by their owners. For this reason I always take great enjoyment in working with clients to design their own bespoke jewellery piece. To see their personal tastes and characteristics brought to life through creative design with the end result being a personal item that they cherish is something truly special.

I always aim to inspire and develop a design that reflects the clients individuality and draw on inspiration from architecture, art and the natural beauty of each gem when working on bespoke jewellery. My award winning pieces are perhaps the best example of this, often being multifunctional and emphasising the colours and shapes of each gym within a unique design.

Chantilly, my most recent competition piece, was a finalist in the Red Carpet category of the Diamond Guild Australia Award in 2015. Handcrafted in 18ct Rose and White Gold and set with rare Argyle Pink and Blue Diamonds, this piece was designed to be worn as an ‘in between’ the finger ring or transformed and worn as a pendant (as seen in the image below).

If you want to learn more about bespoke jewellery and developing your own unique pieces or refreshing an existing piece, contact the boutique and myself or a member of the team will be able to discuss the processes involved and any ideas you might have.