Birthstone Of The Month - Aquamarine

09 March 2017
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March is the month of the dreamy Aquamarine, traditionally symbolising youth, the spirit of hope, good health and lasting love. I’ve always loved working with vibrant Aquamarine stones that possess a gorgeous medium tone, vivid and blue in hue.

To bring out the beauty of the Aquamarine, I often experiment with pairing it with complementary gemstones. Diamonds are my favourite choice, as the cool white tone contrasts beautifully with deep blue hues.

Aquamarine is the perfect gemstone to wear as a statement piece throughout any season of the year. Coupled with White Gold, they make an unforgettable statement, and deserve a special place in every woman’s collection.

To learn more about Aquamarine and the use of this special gem in my creations, contact the boutique and a member of the team will be able to talk you through the intricacies of the stunning gem.